South Shore Plaza Space 1017, 250 Granite Street, Braintree
Website: spencersonline.com
Phone: +1 800-762-0419

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Oct 09, 2018

liberty mom

My 16 yr old daughter and her 2 friends went to the South Shore Plaza on a Saturday night specifically looking forward to going to Spencer Gifts to buy a specific item. They were seriously harassed by an employee - who is white and has a shaved head except for the top was blueish purple pony tail and she wears glasses. They arrived and had not said a word, when she yelled at them harshly, "Get out of my store!" (Everything she said to them was very loud and harsh.) My daughter felt embarassed but managed to stand up for herself and said, "That was rude." (My daughter works in the service industry and had worked a full day where she was trained to always make sure the customer leaves pleased with their service.) This woman was hateful as she insulted their appearance, mocked their polite voice, and pretended to call security describing them - "long blonde hair, leggings, you know the type." They left and came back later and purchased their item from a nice employee. Then this extremely rude employee saw them and harassed them again. "I guess security didnt take the trash out." She threatened to get them kicked out of the mall. She pretended to call security again. The girls did contact security. These young women left feeling traumatized by the Spencer Gifts employee. What kind of store keeps employees who act aggressively hateful to their customers? This woman does not deserve to work there. There are plenty other people who need jobs.

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